Tony is a marble sculptor living in Fort Pierce Florida. Visit his studio in the Sunrise City.

I am currently carving and polishing nearly two dozen marble sculptures.

I am seeking a place to exhibit them, my goal is to inspire others to work in stone.

To me the art seems surprising and rare. I believe they must be seen in person to be fully appreciated.

Tony is a member of the Vero Beach Art Club

I am living the life of an artist.

Tony is passionate about his work and is probably at it this moment.

Contact Me

510 S. 10th St
Fort Pierce, Florida 34950

[email protected]
(410) 812-1879

I am retired

I enjoy making art.

I am passionate

Making art is important to me. In 1998 I found marble blocks dumped in the woods.

I am making new art

25 years of stone carving experience.