No Cannabis for Poor Folks

Will Poor People ever get relief from Cannabis Medicine?

The answer may be up to you.  Today, the “Poor” can ill afford the Cannabis Dispensary. I call it the Expensary. The Medical Marijuana “card” can cost several hundred dollars that poor people simply do not have. Add to that, the price of the “Medicine” and wow, you have just spent half a grand. For the Poor, Medical Marijuana is too rich. This is an example of Social Injustice where only wealthy people have access to natural, safe, and effective medicines found in Cannabis. The well-off are getting relief from their pain and symptoms but the poor cannot. Medical Marijuana card holders have a legal status and the poor are in not only in pain, but they remain at risk of punishment in courts.

My hope is that after legalizing Cannabis, poor communities will be free from prosecution of archaic drug laws (used disproportionately on them) and they will be free to find benefits in the cultivation of a useful plant. Cannabis leaves and seeds are a foodstuff, but the oils and fibers have value and can be used in the home. Cannabis and Hemp might make a positive contribution to health, wellness, and prosperity.

It is mid-2020 and many Americans are in physical, psychological, and economic pain caused by a Global Pandemic. Most would agree that the very-poor have suffered more than the very-rich. They took a harder hit than the rest of us and still face economic uncertainty. They have fewer resources and they struggle to buy the medicines they need. No surprise, but have you noticed that medicines are never free. Perhaps now is the perfect time to restore our right to grow our own medicines and food from a plant which once grew in everyone’s garden. They might need less medical care as I personally predict these actions will create healthier more prosperous communities.

This article aims to address how Cannabis legalization can help poor communities to prosper and heal. When Cannabis is legalized, Poor People will be able to grow medicine in their own back yards for almost free and one part of the Social Justice contact might be restored. The best Cannabis Medicines are called “Whole Plant Profile” and the “Entourage Effect” means that all the chemical compounds found in the plant can work better together than they would individually. That kind of medicine can be produced by the home grower because there is no need for processing or high-tech equipment. The whole plant is the medicine. It is food too.

No fancy grow operation or factory assembly line is needed to create medicines and foods from this plant. At the turn of the previous century every housewife knew of the usefulness of the Cannabis plant and they knew what to do with it. Perhaps we could relearn about the plants uses and benefits. The medicines in Cannabis are powerful antioxidant medications patented by our own Federal government.

By simply eating the Cannabis plant like you would Kale or Spinach, Diet Controlled Diabetes might not become Insulin Dependent Diabetes. The seeds are superfoods with all nine essential fatty acids EFA’s which are useful in creating enzymes and antibodies. The plant should not ever have been taken away from anyone, much less the Poor.

I am working with a state-wide not-for-profit called the Florida Cannabis Action Network to legalize Cannabis, ease suffering and reverse poverty.

Thank you for reading this brief Manifesto,

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Nurse Tony