New business card says it all

I have had 750 of these post cards printed. They can serve as a business card, but I hope they attract a business partner. I am moving slowly, cautiously exploring my options. I want to begin soon…

No Cannabis for Poor Folks

Will Poor People ever get relief from Cannabis Medicine? The answer may be up to you.  Today, the “Poor” can ill afford the Cannabis Dispensary. I call it the Expensary. The Medical Marijuana “card” can cost several hundred dollars that poor people simply do not have. Add to that, the price of the “Medicine” and…Read More

Edible Plant and Seeds

Cannabis Nutrition and Immune Support Not everyone will be open to reading along after they see the word Cannabis in the title. I understand that. Some people are still afraid of what I call the Sacred Plant. “Marijuana” is still illegal in many places across the USA and I always figured it must be for…Read More

Government Patents

Cannabis is Medicine. Did you know that our government owns patents for something they refuse to admit even exists. US6630507B1 Please cut and paste this number into a search bar. It is proof of a lie.

Nurses Eyes

My book is called Nurses Eyes How Nurses Helped End the War on Drugs. It is a novel approach to a big problem. By looking at the “War” from a nurses perspective, we see that what is needed is compassion and caring over the current system of punishment. Particular attention is paid to the urgent…Read More