Carrots, Hemp and Mustard Greens

Good Playmates?

Carrots, Hemp and Mustard Greens, do they sound like good playmates? I have this friend who said she had “never seen bugs on her carrot plants” so she thought that would be a good neighbor for her hemp crop. She said she also notice that the Mustard plants “produce some strong chemicals called Terpenoids which deter insects”, so she flanked her hemp plants with these two compatible crops. At least she hoped that the three of them would get along.

Some plants do not play well with each other and will have “chemical duels”. When they fight it is called allelopathic, which means they can interfere with the growth of neighboring plants. They use chemicals to disturb the “vital systems” of their competitors and out-compete for precious resources. In my quest to become a better plant scientist, I wondered about old farming practices. What should I tell her?

Farmers will tell you that you should never plant garlic or onions near beans and peas or mint near where asparagus is growing. Some plants like broccoli can leave behind a chemical trail that other plants will not like. In some plants, the chemicals that they use to do battle can interfere with germination of its own seeds like in alfalfa. If you happen to be an old farmer and know anything about why you should not plant mustard greens and carrots directly next to a hemp crop, please forward what you know to my friend. I know she will appreciate the discussion.

Her question about this garden practice asks if this pairing might be beneficial or could this combination be incompatible in some way? Her real question is will the hemp “get messed up?” She hopes the plants will bloom but wondered if the buds might taste spicy or “off” growing next to these neighbors? The carrots seemed like they would not hurt the cannabis but she had no idea for sure if they are truly compatible.

All these plants growing here are foodstuffs. They are the perfect garden vegetables to put into a blender to make antioxidant super smoothies which are delicious and nutritious. Farmers are always looking to optimize their practice. The Florida greenhouse garden in this photo began with living soil, worms and worm castings and Fish Emulsion Fertilizer to activate the soil.

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