I am living in Fort Pierce Florida – the Sunrise City

Cannabis is an Essential Food for optimal well being. My Mentor is Dr. William Courtney.

Nurse Tony hopes to be known for reintroducing the public to eating and juicing the Cannabis plant.

“By drinking Hemp Juice and eating the leaves and seeds we can restore our health and prevent illness.”

I no longer call it MEDICINE! It is FOOD!

Tony is a Florida R.N. He is a member of the ACNA, American Cannabis Nurses Association and the FLCAN, Florida Cannabis Action Network.

Baltimore is my home town. I have witnessed the The War on Drugs make that town and its people worse off, not healthier.

My goal is advocacy for your right to receive the Cannabis Medicine of your choice. I am willing to serve as your guide.

Tony is an author and licensed RN Florida Registered Nurse. He has over thirty years of experience in Healthcare and has earned a Certificate of study on the ECS Endocannabinoid System from the ACNA .

In 2013, Tony learned as much as he could about the science behind Cannabis Medicine and testified at Maryland state hearings in support of legalization of Cannabis and in the year 2020 he “came out” of the “Cannabis Closet” and admitted to the use of “Cannabis Medicine” as he calls it. His goal is to put a “LIVE ENZYME COLD PRESS HEMP JUICE DRINK in front of you some time in the near future. How near might depend on how hard I am willing to work and how much support I can gain from others, perhaps you. Thanks

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I am now self employed. I am happy to take your call.

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This is now my life. I intend to fight for your rights and teach.

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25 years of nursing career at Johns Hopkins Hospital in Baltimore, Md.